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Construction Update

Construction Hours of Operation:

Monday Thru Saturday 1am – 11pm

Sunday 7am – 10pm

(night concrete pours occur Monday thru Thursday)


Construction Activities:

06/26/2016 Update – With the Hotel being topped out on the East side of the pedestal, we have been able to further reduce the amount of night activity.  We have and will continue to use our best efforts to manage night activity without slowing down progress.  

04/11/2016 Update – In an effort to further reduce noise from the site, the General contractor is building an enclosure for the concrete pump which will be in place before the 3am Tuesday pour.

04/04/2016 Update – As you are aware, we have been working on the recent increased noise issue at the Panorama site since hearing from the neighborhood over the past 10 days.  after investigating the issue, we determined the noise, seems to be the vibratory consolidators used when pumping the concrete.  These are a required part of the pour procedure. 

The first tactic, the General Contractor and their sub-contractors reviewed was if the pour schedule could be shifted to another time.  The issue with shifting the pour schedule becomes the inability to perform a 3-hour pour at 7am or 4pm on Brickell Bay Drive.  The traffic congestion this will create for the residential community at large is makes these times unfeasible. Also, the congestion would likely expand beyond Brickell Bay Drive, much like when the Miami River bridge goes up.  The General Contractor also looked at 7pm pours, but the Cement plants do not have drivers available due to FDOT restrictions on the drivers’ hours.

So, the General Contractor currently has their sub-contractors working overtime this afternoon and evening to build 120 lineal feet of 8-foot-high acoustic panels.  These will be attached to the working deck of the hotel.  These panels, coupled with the fact that the hotel will be above the Yacht Club and Mark parking pedestals after this week, should alleviate most if not all of the vibratory consolidator issue.  Additionally, the hotel structure will be complete in May. 

Ownership and the General Contractor continue to monitor this situation closely and thank everyone for working with us.

03/30/2016 Update – We have recently been hearing that their were complaints of a sawlike sound coming from the jobsite in the middle of the night.  This noise is in fact work that was/is being done on Brickell Bay Drive, which is unrelated to the Panorama Tower project.

03/15/2016 Update – The Jobsite will be open during St. Patrick Day and Ultrafest weekend, however no deliveries will be taking place over the weekend

01/05/2016 Update – Now that the holiday season is over Panorama will be back on a normal 7 day schedule with work occurring between approximately 2am and 11pm.

11/26/2015 UPDATE – The job site will be closed for Thanksgiving day and will have standard working hours on Saturday, Closed Sunday (11/29/2015).

Road Closure:
Florida Power and Light (FPL) will be pulling the main feeder lines into the building vault on Monday November 30th and Tuesday the December 1st at night. This activity will require a full road closure for several hours. The work will occur at night to minimize traffic issues.

11/10/2015 UPDATE – The jobsite will have standard working hours on Veterans Day November 11, 2015 and regular deliveries will be occuring

09/28/2015 UPDATE – First we would like to apologize for some of the technical difficulties we had recently with these page updates.  The bug was fixed and updates will continue as before.  Currently, the FPL Duct Bank work in Brickell Bay drive is set to complete tomorrow if field conditions remain dry enough to re-asphalt the area and allow the steel plates to be removed.  
07/07/2015 UPDATE – Tonight, Wednesday and Thursday there will be utility work in the manhole in the street , parking 6 spaces blocked. Two way traffic one lane each direction.
05/27/2015 UPDATE –The Street re-striping along Brickell Bay Drive was completed last night and Utility work in the street will not continue until next week.
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05/27/2015 UPDATE –The Street will be re-striped along Brickell Bay Drive tonight beginning at 11:00pm

05/27/2015 UPDATE – A few days ago, the right of way on Brickell Bay Drive was re-striped to reverse the center lane from Northbound to Southbound allowing for 2 Southbound lanes based on multiple requests from the Brickell Key neighborhood to the city.  The contractor shifted the lanes to an incorrect location.  We are currently working to get the situation rectified as soon as possible and will provide a timing update on this website when we have a schedule available.

05/11/2015 UPDATE – Beginning at 9 pm tonight, work will take place in the right of way on Brickell Bay Drive.  This utility work will continue through  next Wednesday or Thursday night.  Work will not take place Friday, Saturday or Sunday night.

04/24/2015 UPDATE – Beginning at 2 am Saturday, work will begin for the pouring of the second level slab.

03/31/2015 UPDATE – Beginning at 9 pm tonight, work will take place in the right of way on Brickell Bay Drive.  This utility work will continue through Wednesday and Thursday night. A temporary lane shift and workers will be present in the right of way during the hours of   9 pm and 5 am.  This work will likely be somewhat noisy as excavation ans structure installation activities require the use of heavy machinery.  The Public Works and Police Department both require this work take place at night to keep lanes open and workers out of the right of way during the day.

03/19/2015 UPDATE – The foundation pour for Panorama Tower begins this Saturday at 12:01 am.  Activities and lighting will begin at sunset on Friday night.  The temporary extra lane closure and parking rental on Brickell Bay drive will continue through Tuesday.  The actual pour will take between 24 and 30 hours.  Please see the Maintence of Traffic map for March 18 through March 24 and the traffic route for concrete trucks during the pour.  Police will be controlling the entire truck route.




03/13/2015 UPDATE – Beginning Saturday at 8am we will be pouring concrete for approximately 5 hours.

03/11/2015 UPDATE – Beginning tonight at 9pm We will be pouring a of pile cap on Saturday for approximately 10 hours. We will also be doing another smaller pour on either Friday or Saturday.

02/05/2015 UPDATE – Beginning Friday February 06, work will take place in the excavation area, tying reinforcing bar from 5am to 11pm, Monday thru Sunday.  restocking of reinforcing bar will take place between 11pm and 5am, Monday thru Sunday.   Also, the Utility work taking place in the Right-of-Way on Brickell Bay drive will continue for the next 2-3 weeks.


Previous Construction Updates:

11/19/2014 UPDATE – The South Tower Crane will begin erection at 7:00am on Friday, November 21.  Also, 2 pile cap pours will take place on Saturday, November 22, begining at 7:00 am

11/12/2014 UPDATE – Night work in the right of way on Brickell Bay Drive begins tonight.  Road closures will be between 8pm and 5am. No work will occur on Sunday nights.  This work is to finish bringing utilities in the right of way across to the site.

10/30/2014 UPDATE – We will be pouring a of pile cap on Saturday Morning (November 01, 2014), beginning at 8:00 am.

10/23/2014 UPDATE – We will be pouring a series of pile caps this evening, beginning at 6:00 pm.  Barring field or weather delays, the cap pour should be complete by 11:00 pm.

10/08/2014 UPDATE – Beginning Monday, October 13, we will begin driving sheet piles.  While the remainder of the auger-cast pile operations will continue on the same schedule until complete in approximately 4 weeks; sheet pile operations will take place between 8 am and 8 pm, Monday through Saturday.  The vibration from the sheet piles is an unavoidable nuisance to all, and after speaking with both The Mark and The Yacht Club, moved the 12 hour shift to begin at the later time based on their recommendation.

09/09/2014 UPDATE – In a continuing effort to reduce the off hours acoustics, addition Acoustifence is being fabricated into noise abatement panels to block sound from machinery.  Currently these panels are already in use around the grout pumps and will be used around the rig during the remainder of pile installation.  Also, once the temporary power transformer is energized, the light plants will be replaced with flood lights utilizing the temporary electric service.  We are constantly monitoring sound and making efforts to abate the maximum amount possible.
07/14/2014 UPDATE – Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) along Brickell Bay Drive has begun.  Currently, vehicular traffic is restricted to 1 southbound lane and 2 northbound lanes.  Once approved by Public Works, a revision will call for re-striping of a portion of Brickell Bay Drive, which will have 2 southbound lanes and 1 northbound lane.

Pedestrian traffic is being redirected to the East side of Brickell Bay Drive approximately 160 feet north of the construction site and at the corner of SE 12 Street to the South of the Construction Site.







1101 Brickell MOT
Construction Update:

Piling installation began Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Construction Hours:
Currently Construction is beginning at 5:30 am and ending at 8:30 pm
Monday – Saturday

Check back for updates