Questions & Answers

When will construction begin?
February 3, 2014

What is the anticipated project completion date?
End of 2017

Where it the best place to find out updates on the project?
This website will be updated continually to show progress of all construction.

Who will be responsible for removing construction debris from the roads?
Our General Contractor

What type of noise will this construction entail?
Typical construction equipment usage noise.

What preparations will be made in the event of storm threat?
Should severe weather occur, our General Contractor will follow standard guidelines for demobilizing and securing the construction site with particular emphasis upon protecting the surrounding environment from airborne construction materials. Construction site demobilization occurs according to the level of hurricane warning in effect. For the latest storm information, please refer to NOAA Weather.

How will traffic be handled if construction on Panorama Tower requires a street lane closure?
Panorama has secured an agreed maintenance of traffic plan coordinated with the appropriate authorities. In the event of a temporary lane closure, the traffic routing will be posted on our website. Check News/Updates for the current maintenance of traffic plan.